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Updated: May 29, 2020

Thoughts from me. I’m a nurse, who paints. Why? if you don’t put your oxygen mask on yourself first, how can you help others? I just read a Linked in article by Harvard Business review, that stated people tend to cope with stress by either “buckling down and power through” approach, or else by retreating- to temporarily disconnect from work and get away from the stressful environment. Both sound like my favorite coping methods. Now there is a third way that is being talked about which is learning new things! When we focus on learning, we pick up new skills, gather new information and intellectual challenges. It helps build our resilience. Whether you listen to audiobooks, read, play piano, learn a new language or figure out how to draw or paint. You are doing a huge service for your brain. You are allowing a state of flow/mind meditation if you will.

When people paint, they create something beautiful, stimulate the creative side of the brain, and relieve the mental strain. Research proves that art develops neural systems, and produces benefits such as increased fine motor skills, increased creativity and improved emotional balance.

Another cool thing that I just learned when writing this blog.... just looking at art, your brain is working to make sense of the visual info, the paints, colors, shadow, lights and darks. In fact, when you look at beautiful art, you increase blood flow to the brain by 10%! It is the equivalent of looking at someone you love. (I didn’t even know this until I started researching.) So feel free to look at beautiful art. Stare at beautiful art. Buy beautiful art. Create art. Even if it’s with your non-dominant hand and you trash it after…you are still working parts of the brain that you might not have before. Exposure to art invokes and stimulates both brain hemispheres. I was fascinated to find that eight week courses for patients involving ceramics, drawing or painting-showed reduction in hospital admissions and savings per patient. Imagine if everyone got an art course in the hospital and healthier simply by doing something as simple as drawing or watercolor or electronic art or painting with acrylics or oil paints. It really is the little things that can make the difference in day to day life and our health. I hope you create something today and/or slow down for a few minutes and just appreciate the beauty around you.....

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