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This is oil on panel 8x 10 inches. It was inspired partially by Tiburon and partially by  my imagination. It is my happy place. One of my favorite past times is painting outside. It is pure Heaven...hearing the wind, waves and feel alive watching birds diving in the water for a quick happy meal and seals doing laps is quite blissful. While I didn't get what I wanted doing plein air as reality couldn't compare with my mind (and honestly reality was in many ways better, but I am unable to capture it on canvas quickly enough).  I brought the painting home. Recoated the panel with oil paint again and again until it was what my mind saw and felt. The initial photo is vibrant filtered. The second photo is zero filter and shows edges as those are rough- in order to frame would need to either chop off excess paint on edges (most likely) or do a floater edge picture frame. Thanks for stopping by!! :) 

The Blissful Place

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