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Q: Do I call you Victoria or Tori Landis? 
A: In nursing,  I go by Victoria. In art, I go by Tori as it easier to paint and less distraction. 

Q: Where do you paint? 
A: I paint in studio and outside (plein air). 

Q: What mediums do you use? 
A: I use mainly mixed media, acrylics and oil paints. I dabble in watercolor and chalks. 

Q: What do you do when your not painting? 
A: I love to drink coffee and paddle board with my pups (Lucy and Ricky). 

Q: Can I buy prints? 
A: Yes, under Society6 Paints and Pups. I am slow to put art up there, but let me know if you want a specific print. 

Q:  Can I pay by check? 
A: No, but you can pay by cash in person or the website which accepts credit cards. 

Q: How I contact you? 

Feel free to ask questions and thanks for stopping by to visit! It is appreciated. 


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